About Us

You are about to experience our personal journey, a true story of a feast of friends. Get ready for our culinary orchestra, conducted through your own dreamed concert.

When the lights goes down, and the nights get dark, we quietly continue our mission. Some of us slowly turn a wooden plate compost pile, some will plant new oak trees in the fertile ground, for tasty acorns that feed the bunch.

Yes, we produce our own amazing compost made out of wooden plates and forks and paper cups, that we later use to plant trees that will stay here long after we will be gone, to feed acorns to animals and oxygen to our children.

We take great pride in recycling waste and believe that it can all be sustainable and respectful.

We use natural biodegradable products everywhere we can and only up-cycled reusable plastic containers everywhere else.

Even bin liners can be made with up-cycled  waste these days, again when goals are clear decisions are easy,  putting ethically and sustainable sourced choices before you and your friends is a must here at Simply Hog Roast.

Although water preservation is not much of an issue, Simply Hog Roast stays loyal with less lucky parts of world that struggle with it. 

We are working hard to use mainly water from our  private deep wells  to wash any equipment and dishes and heat that water with solar energy when weather allows.

Little things matter too. Believe it or not, it takes over a pound of salt to cure a hog, we are proud to use a fine Himalayan salt, free from any hyper toxic additives found in table salt.

If you have an event in mind, contact us now and we will guide you from the beginning to the end, with a  guarantee of success.

It doesn’t get any simpler that. We look forward to hearing from you!

With many years of experience and a can-do attitude, our event managers welcome and accommodate any of your requirements. Please contact us for a custom quotation.